(English) ‘Our Community’ Play System

(English) ‘Our Community’ Play System


  • 1

    When children are in the environment, we truly want them to feel like it is their community. Working together, they could even modify the lighting of the environment or change the colors of the buildings, creating a brand new day, or a brand new community!

  • 2

    This community runs on collaboration. For example, on the fire truck, one child can operate the horn, but it will take two children to make the lights flash, and 5 children, working together at different stations, to save a cat from a tree!

  • 3

    At the Park Gazebo, children can join the band and create a tune the whole town can enjoy!

  • 4

    Initially, the components of this module will have a suburban/rural focus. Later iterations will include community environments particular to urban areas.