Our Mission

Cloudberries are a delicious fruit grown mostly in subarctic regions.  Some cultures believe these berries make children more imaginative and intelligent. At Cloudberry Studio, we design and produce educational exhibits, environments, and experiences that seek to do the same thing!

Our designs immerse children in creative environments that:

  • activate creativity, curiosity, and intellect
  • engage children in making conscious choices to better their lives
  • enhance children’s social well-being, strengthening ties to family, friends, and the surrounding community
  • promote a respect for nature, through content and construction
  • encourage healthy living
  • engender an awareness and respect for diversity, next door and around the world

With backgrounds in film, theater, architecture, communication arts, themed entertainment design, construction, and computing, we seek to redefine high-quality children’s experiences and engage and inspire children (and adults!), in the moment and throughout their lives.