• Vision & Master Planning

    We partner with you to shape the vision, goals, design, development strategy, budget, and measures of success for your project.

  • Concept Design

    We work closely with you to establish the look, feel, and function of the project. Initial experience diagrams evolve into floorplans that map out themes, forms, and interfaces. Sketches evolve into color renderings. We also develop preliminary cost estimates and a complete project schedule, to ensure that your project will be designed and produced on time, and on budget.

  • Schematic Design

    Once we have your approval on the concept design, we develop more detailed renderings and 3D models to give you a more accurate view of the experience. At this stage, we also finalize the content and media that will be used in the space and determine how it will be displayed.

  • Final Design

    Based on your feedback, we produce the final set of renderings and models. The final design includes detailed CAD plans and specifications for the design of all graphics and media. Producers and fabricators now bid on the project.

  • Production & Installation

    We work closely with the producers and fabricators to execute the design as it was conceived. We review the fabrication drawings and the media producer’s development documents, coordinate building/exhibition interface issues, and monitor production of all computer/AV components. We provide on-site support, as required.