Children’s Hospital Concept

Children’s Hospital Concept


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    Families first encounter the lobby’s star attraction, “The Healing Tree.” Part hide-away, part musical instrument, it features a huge variety of flowers, animals, and, if you catch it at the right time, a winking owl. The “sky” above changes its lighting from bright, cheerful day to serene, calming night with help from nearby “leaves,” which are glowing, LED light fixtures. Long play tables keep active children engaged near a variety of seating options, including columns to extend the natural setting. A path circles the lobby, flanked by state of the art information boards, programmed from the reception desk on the back wall.

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    In the places where children spend the most time, like hallways and patient rooms, personalized interactive moments engage the children in the space, as if to say, “welcome, don’t worry, here’s something fun.” Children can choose the color of their room with custom LED lighting. For children who are confined to their beds, specialty technology allows them to control in-room entertainment systems without a remote control. A simple gesture or a voice prompt can pause a video game, turn the room magenta, or summon a nurse from nearby, high-concept nurse stations. Hallways are typically a place of high anxiety, as children transition from the security of their rooms to complete procedures or tests. Sensors in the hallways react to a child’s presence and set off an interactive light display, surrounding the patient in a cascade of leaves on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

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    The healing garden is a place for rejuvenation and play for young patients, caregivers, and siblings. A central maze gives kids a space to wander. An arts and crafts space combined with creative picnic areas creates a playful, engaging space that brings a children’s camp experience to a children’s hospital.

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Cloudberry Studio challenged ourselves to create a welcoming, engaging environment focused on enhancing childhood imagination without losing sight of operational necessities for nursing and medical professionals. We harnessed the capabilities of interactive technologies and techniques to create a functional space focused on the individual child’s experience and values of community, healthy living, and nature.