Toddler Imagination Zone

Toddler Imagination Zone


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    The Toddler Imagination Zone has a target age group of one to three years old.

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    Stepped platforms and curious shapes entice children to engage in a variety of gross motor skills activity.

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    Creative shapes and forms provoke young learner’s curiosity.

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    Classic games and activities are given a new twist!

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    Whether a child enjoys quiet activities, puzzles, or active play, the Toddler Imagination Zone has something for every child.

Toddler areas tend to be the afterthought in designing children’s spaces.  Often, they are small spaces populated with toys that have little or no relation to each or to the themes and goals of the larger institution they inhabit. The Toddler Imagination Zone is a sculpturally-designed, protected area that moves beyond puzzles, mirrors, and plastic toys to engage toddlers in a whimsical, creative space that meets early learning goals. The space can include seating, ramps, tunnels, and other areas of discovery that promote imaginative educational play. Customizable in terms of size, colors, themes, and features, it can be reconfigured, cleaned, and replaced with ease.